Saturday, 25 September 2010

Post-War days

I'm reading "La cripta de los Capuchinos" by Joseph Roth and it's giving me a much clearer and personal picture of a regime change than I used it have.

I grew up reading Empress Sissi's stories, and I never thought of Austria in a different way except for the current Austria. In SL I live in post-war Berlin (1929) and I get that picture, but I'd never put things together as I'm doing now by reading this novel.

It must have been such a big change, so confusing to live after WWI...that now I get why it's called world war.


Dan said...

It's cool your reading La Cripta. I think that in order to fully learn a language you have to pursue it outside of the classroom. Good job!
Reading foreign language books is a great way to up your comprehension too. It keeps it fun and you learn more about the culture and idioms of the language.

Pet Group said...

Hi Bea..long time no see!!!
Like your blog very much... esp the reading part... I am inviting you to see my new blog, it´s dedicated to writings, ramblings, ideas, etc, it´s mainly in Spanish but there are things in English too...
Hope you visit it and tell me what you think...
Pat (do you still remember me??LOL!!)

Beatriz Lupiano said...

Thank you Pat!!! Of course I'll visit :-)))