Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hello again -and miaow!

OK -so I haven't blogged for a long time and my life has changed. A major change has been a career change.I'm not teaching anymore, but majoring in chemistry; my first, introductory, course started a week ago. And I've felt like writing here again.

No formulae, not enough chemistry experience yet to say anything very interesting about it except that I'm enjoying the new course...So I thought I'd start over by sharing a figure that keeps coming back to me even though I can't really apprehend it in its entirety: Schroedinger's cat. Kitty is a metaphor, ok, but a powerful one. And I love cats, so the name has been haunting me for a while. And then I thought -well, wouldn't it be a good bridge between my past as a language teacher and my present as a science/chemistry student? Besides, it reminds me too much of that cat we know so well, the one from Cheshire with the bulk of toothpaste in his basket :D

So let's go down a different hole now, and listen to some language and science videos about Schroedinger's kittycat.... (I promise there's humour...and if you're interested in metaphors the first video will be interesting).

Wait for it........

I hope you like this new turn in the road :)))))