Thursday, 29 April 2010

A month full of events and exciting things

I haven't written much this month -but I hope I'll be able to articulate some thoughts arising from this busy month soon -my head's buzzing and spinning at the moment with all the new things I've started to have a go at and take part in (for example in Second Life).

Today I missed the first day of the Problem Solving with Smithsonian experts Part 2 -I hope they'll make some of the recordings available...

Last week I attended the 2nd Virtual Round Table Conference -completely online and completely amazing!!!! Day 1 started at 6am for me and day 2 at 4am and I didn't even care. All the sessions were fantastic (I missed some because they were concurrent but they will be available at the VRT).

I'm full of exclamations!! Reflections and descriptions will have to wait, I'm afraid...

In the meantime, if you can read Spanish or have an accurate translating tool, please consider reading the latest article in J.L. de Diego's column: "¿Para qué sirve? 
It's an interesting opinion article on education, technology and the "how-to" mentality, motivation and the role of abstract problems, the arts and humanities (as opposed to more practical, instrumental knowledge).

And to give you just an idea of the places I've been to these days, here's a couple of photos (they'll probably have more to do in my other blog -Journey journal, though). Hope you enjoy them:

Medieval Wanderer on the grounds of a Roman Castle (amazing place!) and, above this second photo,
Medieval Wanderer in Alaska (great view and really cozy inside!)

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